Madingley Hall Wedding Fair

It’s been a busy start of the year, with several consultation meetings for weddings taking place not only in 2015, but next year too.

It is satisfying that couples are increasingly starting to recognise the benefits of hiring a full-time professional wedding photographer. Of course, nowadays so many people have a good camera, and it might be tempting to ‘have a friend/relative do it’, to save money, but unless that friend is a professional wedding photographer (and that is the point, even if the friend is a professional photographer, the results are not the same if he or she does not have extensive experience of photographing weddings), more often than not, the wedding couple ends up regretting their decision. The reality is that your wedding photos are your only lasting memory of your day, so invest in high quality professional wedding photography early on when you plan your wedding – it will be the best purchase that you would have made for your wedding day! 🙂

This week, we will be getting ready to kick-off the wedding fair season, and our first stop is at Madingley Hall, on Sunday, 1 February, between 11 am and 3 pm. It really is a lovely venue for a wedding fair (and even lovelier for a wedding!) and there will be a good selection of wedding suppliers so that you can get some inspiration for your wedding day and maybe a few things ticked-off that long ‘to do’/’to get’ list! Stop at the Invision Photography stand to chat with Neil (who, by the way, is the world’s least pushy salesman when it comes to his wedding photography, so unless you come to talk to him, he might not even bother you with a ‘hi’), take a look at his work, and at the beautiful Italian handmade albums that he offers as part of one of his packages. If you are also thinking of having a photo booth at your wedding (and these have become incredibly popular with wedding guests), ask Neil about this too, as anyone booking wedding photography with us has the option of adding our high end photo booth to their package for a substantially discounted price.