The Garden Barn Wedding Photographers | Suzette & James

The Garden Barn Wedding Photography by Cambridge Wedding photographers, Invision Photography. What a beautiful sunny day to have your wedding! Suzette and James were lucky enough to have the hottest day of the year so far, and it was only mid May. I met Suzette at her mum’s house near Grafham Waters for a few preparation shots, then took an hour’s drive to Haverhill, where I was pleasantly surprised to find this very nice intimate venue, The Garden Barn. I had not been there before, and I liked it. The church was small and dark inside, especially under the archway where Suzette and James were stood for most of the ceremony, but I still managed to get some nice natural light shots. After the service, we took a short walk to the venue, where the guests were greeted in the fabulous gardens at The Garden Barn by Tom’s Kitchen, and were served Champagne and Pimm’s, how nice. James and the ushers couldn’t wait to use the rubber horses’ heads (James saved the unicorn for himself) for some fun shots, and with the help of a low setting sun and a little fancy flash work, we managed to get some great images. Another fine wedding, congratulations Suzette and James!









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